Changing Window Password on your first login

Changing the Windows password during the first login

If you get the following error message the first time that you access Windows after installation,

Error en.jpg

then your client has been negotiating with the server for network-level authentication.

However, network-level authentication is executed before a remote desktop session has even been created.

That means that you cannot perform the forced password change during the first login.

Temporarily disabling network level authentication

To make the password change take place despite this, you must first temporarily disable network level authentication.

To do this, first, create an RDP file:

Disable network layer auth 1 en.jpg

Disable network layer auth 2 en.jpg

By right-clicking on the file, you can then select "Open with". Do this to open the file with Notepad:

Disable network layer auth 3 en.jpg

Disable network layer auth 4 en.jpg

You then need to add the following line to the bottom of the file:


and then you need to save the file.

Disable network layer auth 5 en.jpg

By double-clicking on the edited RDP file, you can now connect to your server and change the password.

From there on you can access your server with network-level authentication enabled again.

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