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Once you paid for VPS , it will be automatically setup and online. now we have to update and configure remote desktop or vnc for our use.


If we have a minimal edition of Fedora 22 installed in our machine, then we'll need to get a desktop environment installed in our machine. We can install any desktop environment in our Fedora 22 box but we'll go for installing any of the following desktop environments.

Installing Mate

Mate 1.10 is the latest release of mate desktop environment which is available in the official repository of Fedora 22. So, we can install Mate 1.10 in our Fedora 22 by with dnf package manager. To do so, we'll need to run the following command in a console or terminal.

# dnf groupinstall mate-desktop

Installing Xfce

Xfce 4.12 is the latest release of Xfce desktop environment and its is also available in the official repository of Fedora 22 which enables us to get it installed just by the help of dnf command.

# dnf groupinstall Xfce

Installing Gnome

Gnome 3.16 is the current release of Gnome desktop environment available in the official repository of Fedora 22. So, we can install it by running the following command.

# dnf groupinstall gnome

Installing LXDE

LXDE is the lightest fast-performing and energy saving desktop environment in linux distributions. We can install LXDE in our Fedora 22 box using the dnf command as shown below.

# dnf group install "LXDE Desktop"

2. Installing TigerVNC

After we install our required favorite desktop environment, we'll gonna install TigerVNC server in our Fedora 22 box. As TigerVNC is already available in the repository, we'll gonna install it using dnf package manager.


3. Creating VNC user

Now, as we have installed a desktop environment and tigervnc server, we'll now create a new user named vncuser that we'll use to connect to the remote desktop running the respective desktop environment in the Fedora 22 box.

# useradd vncuser

After creating a new user named vncuser, we'll wanna set a strong user password for it. To do so, we'll gonna run the following command.

# passwd vncuser

Changing password for user vncuser.
New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

Then, if we want vncuser have access to sudo mode. We'll run the following command to grant the user sudo or root access.

# usermod vncuser -a -G wheel

Note: If you already have a user created in the box and want use that user for VNC login, please skip this step 3.



or simply use below command




enter and confirm your password


now start the VNC service


# vncserver


flush iptables rules for testing.


iptables -F


now you are ready to connect to your sever


use any vnc client to connect IP:5901


Voilla, here you go.

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