How to Generate Full Backup

Full BackupHome Directory Backup
A full backup of any account generates a copy of your files, emails and databases with restore capability to any other hosting service.
Once you have started the backup process please wait while the backup is complete.



All shared and reseller accounts can only create a backup of less than 15 GBS or 100,000 inodes or less. If your account exceed the limits will skip your backup unless you have purchased the backup service for additional data volume.

Create Full Backup in Cpanel:

1- Login to your cpanel account

2- Click Backup icon

3- Generate/Download full website backup

add your email address to get backup notification when the backup is complete.

It will generate a backup copy of your account in zip format tar.gz placed in your home directory.
You can download the backup and restore it using the same procedure except selecting restore backup option in backup section.


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